Taylor Swift’s Midnights: Worth Staying Up Until Midnight?


picture from @taylornation on Instagram

Attention Swifties, this is not a drill! Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights, has just been released! Although she did release Midnights at midnight, the timing of the album is not its namesake. Instead, all of the songs in this album are based on thoughts and feelings one might experience at midnight. 

I know a lot of people who stayed up late to listen to her new album. Apparently, so many people were listening to it that Spotify’s app crashed! Personally, I need my beauty sleep, so I did not pull an all-nighter. However, I did listen to the whole album as I got ready for school. Fun fact: as I’m writing this article, I’m listening to the album.

Just a few hours after her release, Taylor Swift posted a surprise at 3 A.M. This surprise included an extra seven, never before announced, new songs! Sticking with the time theme, Taylor calls these songs her “3 A.M. tracks.” So, the full Midnights album is 20 tracks long and is officially titled Midnights (3am Edition)

I might have actually screamed when I found out about the additional seven new songs. May Sukkarieh, a senior, says that she went “ absolutely feral” when she learned about the 3 A.M. tracks. May’s favorite songs from the album are “Karma” and “You’re on Your Own, Kid” (although she cried while listening to the latter, so I think she has an obvious favorite). 

Personally, I cannot currently pick a favorite song. I’m sure that as time goes on, I’ll eventually pick a mantra, but as of now, we’ll say that I love them all equally. 

Not only do we have student Swifties, but we also have teacher fans! Ms. Busarello, an English teacher, prepared for the new album by playing Taylor Swift songs during class the week leading up to the release. Ms. Bus says that her favorite song is “Snow On The Beach,” a song that also features Lana Del Rey. Mr. Hand, a Social Studies teacher, is also a Taylor fan! His favorite song is “Anti-Hero” and he apparently played the music video in his class when it first came out (he says he played it for a student fan, but my guess is that it was also for his own enjoyment). 

Ms. Dimmig, a Social Studies teacher and Class of 2024 advisor, is another Swift fan! Although, apparently I overestimated the strength of her love for Swift because she didn’t even know the date of the album’s release – although, Mr. Hand didn’t either! Nonetheless, Ms. Dimmig says her favorite song from the album might be “Lavender Haze,” although she’s not sure. 

Taylor has also teased about a U.K. tour! This probably means she will announce a U.S. one soon (just a guess, but fingers crossed). Sorry to all of my friends, because this album is all I’m going to talk about for the next couple of days. But, come on. There are worse things to talk about.