7 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Netflix’s “Wednesday”


Last month, on November 23rd, the first season of Wednesday debuted on Netflix, and viewers were pleasantly surprised by this witty and addictive comedy horror series. The show follows the familiar character of Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) who reluctantly attends Nevermore Academy. There, she finds that things are not as they seem. From attempting to get a grasp on her psychic ability to trying to solve a murderous mystery, Wednesday is an intriguing mix of suspense and cleverness. Surrounding this show, there are plenty of interesting facts that viewers have not heard of. Here are the top seven facts you might not have known about the series:


1. Famous filmmaker, Tim Burton, directed four out of eight of the episodes on Wednesday. Did you catch Tim Burton’s name in the credits of at least one episode? Well, you weren’t seeing things because Burton actually did direct some of this show.

2. Jenna Ortega learned how to play the cello for her role as Wednesday. If you’re still replaying that scene from the first episode when Wednesday is intensely playing the third movement of “Winter” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, you’re not alone. It’s even more impressive to know that the actress had to gain cello experience before delivering that powerful number.

3. Ortega also learned fencing, archery, and German for the role. When you thought learning the cello was enough already, try adding three more skills on top of that. Jenna Ortega, wanting to fully immerse herself in the experience, took up fencing, archery, and German lessons so she could execute them successfully in the show.

4. Ortega choreographed Wednesday’s iconic dance scene. While this scene at the Rave’N dance might have been a little cringy to watch at first, it was certainly unforgettable. Not to mention, Jenna Ortega crafted this dance herself despite having no dance experience. Her lack of experience ultimately added to the uniqueness of the number, and who didn’t think that 1981 punk tune she danced to, “Goo Goo Muck,” was catchy?

5. Thing the hand is played by an actor, not CGI. Yup. The lone hand you saw walking around and providing Wednesday with the best companion was actually played by a person and not created by a computer. This is a nod to how Thing was portrayed in the ’90s films. The actor of Thing had to wear a special body suit so he would not be seen in the film.

6. Wednesday doesn’t blink. You’re probably thinking, “That’s not possible,” but it’s true! If you look closely, Wednesday never blinks in any of the scenes she’s in. Of course, when the camera is not on her, the actress has time to blink. But not blinking through long scenes is quite the commitment, so full respect for the execution.

7. Wednesday cast member, Christina Ricci, played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991 film). While you may not have recognized her, Marilyn Thornhill, played by Christina Ricci, actually filled the childhood role of Wednesday in the old Addams Family film. Talk about coming full circle.


All of these interesting facts just add to the detailed thought and time that went into creating this fan-favorite series. A close eye is being kept on whether Wednesday will be renewed for a second season, but viewers are craving to know what happens next!