The Chicken Or The Egg Restaurant Review


The Chicken Or The Egg is a restaurant founded in 1991 in Beach Haven LBI. They recently expanded and added a second location in Marlton. The new Marlton location has been popular so far. Recently, I went there for dinner on a Saturday night. 

It was very crowded, and there was a forty-five-minute wait for a party of five. I was hesitant when we arrived because a few people and various reviews complained that the service needs to be faster. However, the service was very fast during our meal. Our waitress was super sweet and she was extremely helpful. She was happy to recommend different dishes and drinks. Also, the food took less than ten minutes to come out after we ordered. 

I tried a variety of dishes. Their menu is very extensive and they serve breakfast foods all day long. I ordered their wings with mild sauce and also the garlic parmesan sauce. Both sauces were super flavorful and the wings were very crispy. I also loved their garlic pub fries as well as their fried pickle chips. 

The CHEGG was a good restaurant for my family, since there was such a large variety of food to choose from, so everyone can eat something that they like. I would recommend going at an odd time or on weekdays to avoid the crowd, but I enjoyed the food and the service. Here’s a link to their website, if you’d like to check it out: Link to their website