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Annie Kim, Staff Writer

Annie Kim, known by the general public as Sukyoung (even though they can't pronounce it remotely well and if you could pronounce it, congratulations you are now one of the 1%), is known to be a bit wild, loud, and proud. This probably comes from her proud parents who refuse to be quiet, be it a grocery store or a library where silence is golden, and tend to go wild when they're having fun. Coming from an interesting background of a girl who had to immigrate to America at the naive age of six, she has a lot of pride coming from there as well. She does not know exactly how to fit her whole sixteen years into this little bio but, she hopes dearly that the readers at least get this out of reading it: she loves animals, music, and people (sometimes) and hopes to bring a refreshing viewpoints of a South Korean girl (yes, South Korean, not North -insert sigh here-). Therefore, dear reader, even though its incredibly difficult sharing her entire life story in this small space, she hopes she was able to convey some of her personality through these few words.

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Annie Kim