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Hi guys! I'm Meghana Jampana and I'm junior this year and I'm happy to be a staff writer for the  Smoke Signal this year. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, dancing has always been a passion of mine. Some of the types of dance that I took were tap, hip-hop, and ballet. My favorite type of dance is Indian classical dance, which I have graduated from. Ever since I was young, when ever the music would turn on, I would always be up and moving. Traveling is also one of my hobbies because seeing new places always excites me. Some of the places I have been to are China, Malaysia, India, and Canada. Being a rather shy person, writing has always let me express my feelings and some that is very enjoy. Some of these may include poetry,short stories, and reviews which are always interesting to write about when I think of an idea. People who know me, know that I love watching movies. In fact, I give advice to other people on which movies to watch. So, if you are interested about reading reviews on new movies, this is the place to read!

Meghana Jampana, Staff Writer

Apr 29, 2015
Cinderella: The Glass Slipper Fits (Story)
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Meghana Jampana