Smoke Signal

What I Learned From James Clementi About Being An Upstander

James Clementi (right), along with Jack Watson (left), speaking at the Lenape High School auditorium.

Jack Watson

October 24, 2014

Four years and one month ago, the lives of the Clementi family were changed forever. Meeting James and his family changed mine.

What is an Upstander?

Roshan Vasoya, Staff Writer

October 22, 2014

I asked people throughout my day one question: what is an Upstander? Through the Week of Respect and Violence Awareness Week, we, as a school, have been reminded to show exemplary compassion and responsible restrain when confronted. Interestingly enough, the most common response to my question was, “One...

The Best of Me… For the Hopeless Romantic

The movie poster for The Best of Me

Michelle Xu and Sierra Pisiechko

October 20, 2014

Disclaimer: We haven’t read the book, so this article is based only on the movie. Michelle Xu’s Opinion: If you haven’t watched it yet, The Best of Me is a new chick flick based on a Nicholas Sparks novel that came out on the 17th of October. Since I heard it was a really sad movie, I expected myself to be dragged half-sobbing out of the theater, yet when we got out at the end, I wa...

Lorien Legacies: More Complex Than Just Counting To Nine

I Am Number Four

Alyssa Slovin, Staff Writer

October 18, 2014

Aliens have created some of the best features of Earth and we don't even know it.  They've been visiting here for years, helping us.  It is now our chance to return the favor. At least, it is in this action packed set of novels. The New York Times bestselling series, Lorien Legacies, written by ...

Sail into the Sixth Generation of Apple

Different features of iOS 8.

Megha Bharadwaj, Staff Writer

September 18, 2014

September 19th marks the date of Apple’s latest product release, and this time it’s said to be bigger than ever. The products up for grab are the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, and the new operating device iOS8. Apple received more than four million pre-orders on the two new models of phones...

A New Allegory: Monument 14

A New Allegory: Monument 14

Melissa Friedhoff, Staff Writer

September 16, 2014

Hail, chemical weapons, plumes of mind-controlling smoke, and…pizza? A one book one school selection never sounded more compelling. Monument 14 seems to have captured the attention of the Lenape class with its fast-paced rhythm and unexpected relatability. Emmy Laybourne’s gripping tale starts off...

Survivor Cagayan: A Look Back

Survivor Cayagan (Source:

Sabrina LaRosa, Writer

June 17, 2014

Survivor Cagayan has proved to be one of the best seasons in Survivor history. Throughout the season, back-stabs and paranoia ran high, and each episode contained numerous twists and turns. However, one thing remained constant: Tony was at the top of the pack. He was able to maintain his allies no matter...

Read Across America: Lenape Edition

Read Across America: Lenape Edition

Jacob Demree, Writer

May 28, 2014

On Friday, May 23, Lenape World Language students collaborated to write and perform plays for elementary school children as part of a Read Across America initiative.  To sum it up, the performances were full of bona fide humor and, to a high school observer at least, magnifique. At Kirby Mills Eleme...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Amazing Spider Man 2 (Source:

Gina Wodarczyk, Writer

May 27, 2014

A few years back, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios decided to drop Spider-Man 4 and instead reboot the Spider-Man franchise. I was in shock. I did not believe that any reboot could top director Sam Raimi’s version of the classic superhero story. And who was ready to let go of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten...

Divergent Movie Review

Divergent Movie Review

Radhe Bangad and Jasmine Philip

March 25, 2014

Divergent Movie Review As we all know, the much-anticipated movie adaptation of Divergent by Veronica Roth came out just this past week. We have heard many mixed opinions about this movie, so this weekend we went and watched it for ourselves. Before we get into our own opinions, let’s talk stat...

Beauty and the Beast Spring Musical

Beauty and the Beast Spring Musical

Srishti Dhar, Megha Bharadwaj, Writer

March 24, 2014

Beauty and the Beast: Lenape Edition   The Lenape Theater Group recently invited the general public to “be their guest” at their version of the popular Disney musical, Beauty and the Beast. This cast of 61 hardworking students and a pit orchestra served up quite a show! The response fro...

The Couples’ Game

Lizzy Reid and Brandon Hart compete in the Couples' Game

Taylor Eisenstein, Editor-in-Chief

February 26, 2014

At the annual Couples' Game, pairs competed to see who would win the grand title! Questions were asked to see which pair seemingly knew each other best. A night of amusement and hilarity, the Couples' Game is surely a Lenape must-see event! ...

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