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Isaacs Birthday Paw-ty

Isaac’s Birthday Paw-ty

Averie Wu, Assistant Editor June 12, 2021

Last week, Lenape High School celebrated the birthday of its beloved therapy dog, Isaac! This very happy golden boy turned 10 years old, which is about 66 in human years. To celebrate this milestone, Mrs....

Lenape Jazz Ensemble

Lenape Jazz Festival 2018

Anna Rodefeld, Media Coordinator February 10, 2018

On February 9th, 2018, Lenape High School held its annual Jazz Festival. Every year, Lenape invites the jazz ensembles from actoss the district and surrounding areas to perform for a crowd in the Lenape...

Pride Day 2017

Anna Rodefeld, Media Coordinator November 30, 2017

Lenape Girls Gymnastics Team

Girl’s Gymnastics: Defying All Odds

Alyssa Slovin, Assistant Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2017

This fall, we heard about the Girl's Gymnastics team's success on the morning announcements, but those few short sentences did not capture all of the obstacles that this year's girls conquered. The...

The Lenape Jazz Band

The Lenape Jazz Festival

Anna Rodefeld, Staff Writer February 19, 2017

On Friday, February 10th, Lenape High School held its 7th annual jazz festival. The festival was comprised of the Williamstown, Seneca, Cherokee, Lenape, and both Shawnee jazz bands and ensembles, each...

Stay Safe Folks!

Stay Safe Folks!

David Kim, Editor-in-Chief May 5, 2014

A popular YouTube channel "minutephysics" has recently posted a video advising its watchers on possible phishing attacks on YouTube. Especially since our Lenape accounts are linked with Google, and...

Science League Holds Annual Zumba Fundraiser

David Kim, Editor November 22, 2013

On November 20th, Science League teamed up with Knowledge Bowl for a Zumba fundraiser! One of the most unique, physically exhilarating, and galvanizing fundraisers, Zumba serves to add fun and craze into...

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