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If you know me, you would know that as I sit here brainstorming ideas on exactly what to write, at least half of my brain is trying to think of a witty greeting from a book that I can impress (or scare) you with.  So far, nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Zero.  So instead of going through all the theatrics, I suppose I could start by saying that I love to read.  Books are relaxing.  Books are stressful.  Books are exciting.  There is no simpler way to explain this phenomenon, so I guess that's why I feel so passionately about reading and writing.  Perhaps it's also because I want to make people experience the same things I do.  My imagination has always been limitless, so I really enjoy testing those limits.  Besides sitting around reading (or walking around, frankly) I dance, play the flute, and sing in my church choir.  But I've finally racked my brain enough to come up with a suitable quote. It's from the "Beautiful Creatures" series. "Claim yourself”, 'fore you cannot go through life without at least a blurry picture of who you are.  I think I have one.

Alyssa Slovin, Staff Writer

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